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A R T S w e e k

ARTSweek is a full 7 days during which you
attempt to do something each day which adds an artistic enhancement to your life.
It is not supposed to be easy, although it may look so.
It is not an effort in futility.
You need to choose to act differently.

In the past students have helped the elderly, planted gardens, gone to galleries, drawn, sculpted, danced, gone to the gym, written, turned off all electronic devices, gone for walks, enjoyed a massage (either receiving or giving): there is really no limit except what you choose to try that is new to you.

Each day you will make a journal entry in a binder or duo-tang I will collect at the end. You may decorate the cover, and add to it as you please. Each day's entry must, at minimum, cover the activity you did that day, discuss how it felt to do the activity, and the impact of the activity on others (as applicable).

You may contact me directly at martin@aller-stead.com