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Civics 10
Martin Aller-Stead's Students
Monarch Park Collegiate

Dear Students:

Each of you has been assigned to be part of a political party in our class.

Each political party in Canada has a specific point of view about developing political items as well as ideas about people and what animates them to behave in certain ways. You are responsible for finding out about your assigned political party and trying to write and speak as though you are a believer in that party's raison d'être.

Your job is to take the issue you have been handed, which is near and dear to your party, and develop a Bill for Parliamentary consideration, which deals with the difficulty. You will have only one week to do this; the final Bill is to be in my hands on the date we set in class. (Late work is penalized at the rate of 10% per day.)

Please work well as part of your group. Part of your mark for this will be through group work. Rubrics for marking have been provided to you.

Each student is to turn in her/his own Bill, unique and personally written. Please do not copy from others. Ideas may be shared within groups, but the final product must be individual.

If you get stuck, ask for help in class, make an appointment to see me or contact me by email at martin@aller-stead.com. Do not wait until it is too late to ask for help.

Do your very best and most creative work!

These Bills will be debated in our Model Parliament in class in two weeks. You will have a chance to cast a secret ballot on each Bill after it is debated, and you caucus to discuss Party lines.

Best wishes . . .

m a-s

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You may also contact me directly at martin@aller-stead.com