120spacer.gif (56 bytes) John Ralston Saul, from "On Equilibrium"

John Ralston Saul is Canada's foremost living philosopher. His work and thought reflects a wide-ranging, gentle understanding of us, and our human condition.

In his new book (as of 2002) titled "On Equilibrium", Saul posits, perhaps unknowingly, what Woody Guthrie always maintained; that he wanted to tell you what you already knew. Saul does this with blinding clarity, and as one reads, the head nods in understanding and sympathetic agreement.

The quotes below from Kaplinski and Valéry are taken from Saul's book. Others are from elsewhere and are credited accordingly.

Let us be introduced to John Ralston Saul:

John Ralston Saul, from On Equilibrium
John Ralston Saul, from On Equilibrium

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