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Is retribution the motive, or restoration? (I learned this first from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.)

What is the point of the ‘justice act’ of a court? How will you (or society at large) know when the goal has been achieved? What will be measured, and how? Is there an appropriate time for retribution, and for restoration? How can we learn to trust? What in the situation needs to change so restoration may begin and retribution end? What will be the consequences of the offender re-offending? How much patience can, or should, one (or society) have?

Retributive Justice

Gaol time
Solitary time
Community service
Pay a fine
Restraining order

Mandatory therapy

  • Take pills
  • Medical supervision
  • Get ‘fixed’
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Restorative Justice

Dialogue with the hurt people


Restorative actions

  • Service
  • Payment
  • Assistance
  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Joining
  • Healing

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