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Karl Marx, who is the founder and leading light of what is called "Communism", showed that there are three classes of people in the world: The Bourgoisis, who are the owners of things (but whom, he feels, do no or little work), get rich by paying the workers less than the true value of their labour. The workers, whom, as lump, he called the "Proletariat", were powerful and could run the world to their benefit but they were afraid of the Bourgoisis, who could hurt the Proletariat economically. The Petit Bourgoisis were, according to Marx, necessary because they ran small, personally-owned businesses (like corner stores) or were reasonable professionals who did not gouge for their fees (like good doctors or teachers).

Marx felt that the Proletariat had to unite (through unions) and throw off the factory owners, even if that meant killing them, so a fair wage could be earned by all. Marx and a friend, Engels, wrote "The Communist manifesto", which states ‘Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains’.

Whenever tried, this form of government has proven to be quite a failure.

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