120spacer.gif (56 bytes) What Does It Mean To Be Free?

In answer to the question "What Does It Mean To Be Free?", some students in my grade 10 class have come up with challenging ideas and points of view.

Before we, as a group, move on with the study of the Diary of Anne Frank, I would like to give all of you a chance to address these issues. Here are the ideas, with the students' names appended:

Melissa Wilson

'If you were free, you would act with no 'higher authority'. This would be a bad situation.'

(My question; Is freedom an absolute concept, or is it relative to something else?)

Devin Ramnarace   
"To be free is to be emotionally numb, with no care for the world."

(My question; Can you be free and still have (loving) relationships with others?)

Jacqueline Morales
"To be free is not to hate anything."

(My comment; This sounds particularly Buddhist in outlook, as though you are free from a kind of weight the world presses onto you. Since love and hate are two sides of a coin of passion, could your idea also be re-worded as "To be free is not to love anything."?)

Bezhad Shah

'I am only free when I can choose what I want.'

    (My question; What if you do not know all the possibilities in a situation?)

These are all good questions and interesting points of view. Consider them!

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