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OAC Writer's Craft

Martin Aller-Stead's Students
Monarch Park Collegiate

Monday Pages

Now is the time to really wake up.

There is no way to 'do' Monday Pages wrong. You just write. (This technique is taken from The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron.)

Write in a stream of consciousness. Write what is bothering you, what you remember, what is going to happen, what is new, what is old. Monday Pages are a brain dump. You won't be able to create until you clear the brain, so to speak, of the buildup of junk we all carry.

Do not employ your inner censor.

Recognize Dead Moose and deal with them.

There is no logic to this. Just write. It is a kind of meditation, a Zen activity. If you choose to consider it as a koan, it could be What is the heart of my Self? We will write for 45 minutes at a time.

At least one other time during the week, (a 7-day week), please write in the same way. Just write. 45 minutes, uninterrupted. No phone. No radio, TV, music. No talk. Just write.

Gather all your Monday Pages into a duo-tang, or some other thing like it, which you decorate and bind. Date your pages please. Draw on your Monday Pages. Decorate. Add things you clip from elsewhere. Write back to my classes with you. Write.

I will ask you to share the pages with me twice or thrice through the term. They will not be marked in the formal sense but will be evaluated as a process for you, and assessed. We will discuss them.

Monday Pages tie into ARTSweek and your ISU, as you will find. It is about being open to the new, the unexpected, the uncensored. ARTSweek is the opportunity to experience openness and reflect on it. The ISU will give you the chance to focus your creative juices and apply them by producing a work through a process of refinement, and being open to the new and surprising, even though you've planned.

After we do the Monday Pages, we will be able to find the creativity more easily in others' work.

We start today. CLICK HERE and print this to make a commitment to yourself. In writing. To try.

You may contact me directly at martin@aller-stead.com